Covid 19 Update


My personal commitment is to be responsive & proactive in managing safety precautions while continuing to be of service for those who need my help. Safety is my #1 Priority.


Real Estate transactions are crucial for many people in a variety of circumstances however it’s not business-as-usual.

I am well equipped to assist you during these difficult times, in a safe and responsible manner. Here’s how…

The Consultation Process:

• I am available by phone, email and with several video chat platforms, including FaceTime, Zoom, Google Hangout, etc. Technology allows me to be able to provide you with the same services as always, including a free Comparative Market Analysis to determine your home’s value.

• Only when absolutely necessary, Physical-Distancing guidelines can accomplish a safe in-person meeting. Note: I will wear a mask for everyone’s protection – no offence!

Marketing your property utilizing technology, from a safe distance:

The goal is to limit the number of people coming into your home, while still promoting it to those buyers who are serious.

I will provide:

• Interactive Virtual 3-D Model & Tour so buyers can virtually ‘travel’ from room-to-room.
• Professional photographs to fully show the property and its features.
• Detailed Floor-Plans linked to the on-line listing and marketing.
• Detailed written descriptions of the features and benefits of the property and surrounding location.
• Virtual Open Houses – fully advertised, where potential buyers can experience a narrated walk-through of the property without ever stepping foot inside
• Pre-List Home Inspection Report (where applicable) – Dual benefit here – allows less foot-traffic into your home because buyers can read-up on your property’s inspection report in advance of booking an appointment, but also a useful tool to get you more money for your house. When buyers are confident that they know what they’re getting, they tend to hold back less and give higher offers. Win-Win.

How to Handle Showings of your home:

For those buyers who have reviewed all the on-line marketing materials and are still interested, it’s time to set up an in-person showing of your property – I will call the Buyer’s agent in advance of each showing to confirm that they have fully utilized all on-line marketing prior to booking an in-person viewing and have done a ‘drive-by’ first to ensure they are comfortable with the exterior, location, nearby amenities, etc. If at all possible, I recommend you find a different place to live temporarily, during the sale process, so you don’t have to be concerned with disinfecting surfaces after showings. If this is not feasible, you should make sure you’re not inside the house during the showings. This has always been a best-practice when selling and even more important now.

Steps taken to ensure your safety include:

• Limiting the number of visitors to 2 or 3 maximum during the showing
• I will set up a hand-sanitizing station at the entry with non latex gloves & hand-sanitizer, when available, for visitors to use.
• I will obtain a signed Disclosure statement from the buyer’s agent, screening out any high-risk individuals from entering.
• I recommend that you, as the home-owner, leave interior doors open & lights-on during the showing, to lessen the need for anything to be touched.
• I will send a notice to the Buyer’s agent before the showing AND post a notice in your home for visitors to 1) Not touch anything 2) Recommend that they keep their hands in pockets 3)Prohibit the use of your bathroom 4) Sanitize their hands before touching the lock-box

How to Handle the Offer & Closing Processes:

• One of my strengths is to negotiate the best deal for my clients. Nothing changes here! Any discussions about an offer received on your property, as well as any counter-offers are handled perfectly by phone & video chat (if preferred).
• Signatures can be processed seamlessly utilizing DocuSign – A very simple ‘point & click’ service from your smart-phone or computer. It does not require you to set up an account, or to print & fax anything.
• Deposit payments which are provided from buyers will be received electronically by Direct-Deposit or Wire Transfer into our secure and legally protected Trust Account.
• I will add in the latest legal clauses developed by the amazing team of lawyers at Korman & Co. to protect your interests, in case of a delayed closing due to quarantine or illness by one of the parties, while still allowing the transaction to proceed.
• Gap Insurance provided by Korman & Co Lawyers to further protect your interests in the event of a closing delay.

Other Services Required:

• One of the better equipped law firms (Korman & Co) are well positioned to handle all discussions and signatures by phone and electronically. No in-person meetings required.
• Land-Title Offices are Open for Electronic processing of property title transfers.
• Home Inspection Services: Can be provided safely utilizing physical-distancing guidelines – best to have no-one else home during the inspection. Reports will be provided electronically.
• Staging – can still happen with an empty home otherwise we can utilize virtual staging as well.

I am a member of your community and as such, it’s important for me to help when I can.

If you have any questions about the real estate market, or how I can help, please reach out to me at

Wishing you my very best. Be safe (and happy!).